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About Us

 My name is Darren Erb I have a small trucking business that specializes in hauling aluminum and precious metals. We have high sided dump trailers (90 cu-yd) which are the largest in the industry. We haul aluminum, titanium, stainless, steel, and other precious metals. We also haul loose metals and rims super sacs, boxes, pallets, coils, ingots, sows and turnings ect….      

We are a customer based company. We depend on them and they can depend on us. We have many customers but are always open to new opportunities. Our commitment to our customers, is that we will move more material at a more cost effective price.  Being a small customer based company we understand how every dollar matters, we will do what ever we can to save our customers time and money.  We are not only a trucking company we also consult with metal buyers on how to move there material more efficiently.

In the Future we hope to expand our business. We also hope to expand the materials we haul.